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Close up of the Design Side Protection step

Kindly notice that all the front
protections homologated
with the european directive are
identified by the codes
EC/MED/.../IX or EC/SB/.../IX

All the other front protections
are not homologated with the
european regulation.

Design Side Protections!

A unique accessory, different from all the others on the market, the new DESIGN SIDE PROTECTIONS are designed to enhance the look of the vehicles on which they are fitted and show a modern, elegant and up to date look, brought out by the oval shape.
The step base in soft neoprene rubber grants a perfect adherence, reducing the slippery risks while the satinized aluminium enhances the chromatic contrast between the polished stainless steel and the rubber.
The new side protections are available for all the most important 4x4 cars, S.U.V., Crossover and Pick ups on the market.
Check out the specific design side protection for your car using the search engine on the top right of the home page!!