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Kindly notice that all the front
protections homologated
with the european directive are
identified by the codes
EC/MED/.../IX or EC/SB/.../IX

All the other front protections
are not homologated with the
european regulation.
 Opel Mokka X accessories ec approved front guard  63mm and Design Side Protections in oval pipe
Opel Mokka X accessories ec approved front guard  63mm and Oval Grand Pedana
Opel Mokka X accessories front guard  76mm and grand pedana side bars  76mm
Opel Mokka X accessories rear protection  50mm and sidesteps  50mm

Opel Mokka X 2016 accessories

For Opel Mokka X 2016 we produce the following accessories:
MEDIUM BAR in pipe Ø 63mm (EC approved and non approved versions)
SUPER BAR in pipe Ø 76mm (EC approved and non approved versions)
LARGE BAR in pipe Ø 63mm
SIDESTEPS in pipe Ø 50mm
GRAND PEDANA (side bars with steps) in pipe  Ø 76mm
OVAL GRAND PEDANA (oval side bars with steps) in oval pipe
DESIGN SIDE PROTECTIONS (oval side bars with design steps) 
REAR PROTECTION in pipe Ø 50mm

Kindly notice that the side and rear protections are the same of the  Opel Mokka 2012/2016 model

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